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Detained by ICE in Los Angeles?

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If you or a loved one has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you have some important decisions to make very quickly. There are a number of reasons why you could find yourself in this situation, such as if you have recently been arrested or convicted for a crime, if you are found to be present in the U.S. without having been admitted or inspected, for having violated the terms of your non-immigrant visa status, or applying for a benefit you were not otherwise eligible for ICE holds a significant amount of immigrants who are removed within just hours of their detention. You must act quickly How you respond to these situations is critical, and calling Law Offices of Elsa Martinez, PLC is the first step to knowing your rights, remaining in the U.S. and securing release on bond.

Detention Hearings in Los Angeles

If ICE suspects that you are in the U.S. without status or that you have violated the terms of your visa, they can take action to detain you while they investigate. It is important you understand that you have options and rights, regardless of what detainment officers may have told you. Retaining the services of an experienced immigration attorney right away is essential, especially if you hope to obtain a bond. If approved, a bond allows you leave detainment facilities while the investigation and prosecution against you is completed.

  • When the judge is making a decision about your bond, they may consider a variety of factors:
  • Your financial ability to pay.
  • Your employment history.
  • Your criminal history.
  • Your community involvement and family ties
  • If you pose a danger to the community.
  • Or if you are a flight risk.

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