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Immigration Lawyer West Hollywood, CA

Immigration Lawyer West Hollywood, CA

West Hollywood, California Immigration Lawyers with more than twenty Years of Immigrant Defense and Legal Representation. We have Defended Many Thousands of Individuals and their Families all over Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties in CA

Our LA, Ventura, and Orange County, CA lawyers realize how confusing and frustrating immigration problems can be. Our immigration law offices serve Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties. Our immigration lawyers bring more than 20 years of combined experience to the table. In that time period, we have served thousands of people navigate their legal cases and take favorable measures towards their futures. Established in 2001, our immigration firm has consulted with many individuals and their families purely on their immigration cases. Maintaining our concentration to this specific area of law, we are able to utilize all our assets, focus, and experience to each specific client's circumstances.

Are we able to assist you in the West Hollywood, CA area with your immigration legal problems?

  1. Previous INS prosecutor for the now Department of Homeland Security
  2. Decades of combined insight and skill
  3. Admitted to the Supreme Court (only 1% of all attorneys)
  4. Address a complex assortment of immigration matters
  5. Zealous about winning and persevering against the opposition
  6. All legal professionals on behalf of our firm are admitted to the California State Bar and Federal Courts of Appeals

We have experience in the following types of immigration cases and more:

  1. Agriculture Immigration
  2. H-2A Visa
  3. Temporary H-2B Employment Visa
  4. Business Immigration
  5. Business Visas
  6. H-1B Visas
  7. Investment Visas
  8. Obtaining PERM Labor Certifications
  9. Detained by ICE
  10. Green Cards
  11. Criminal Deportation
  12. Family Immigration
  13. Consular Processing
  14. Asylum
  15. Fiancé Visas
  16. Marriage Based Visas
  17. Special Juvenile Immigration Cases
  18. Removal Defense
  19. Appeals
  20. Cancellation of Removal
  21. Student Immigration
  22. Visa Guidelines

Irrespective of how involved or straight forward your immigration situation is, our professional team of immigration attorneys are able to help you in the greater West Hollywood, CA area. Contact us today to discuss your situation.