Los Angeles Removal Defense Lawyers

An immigration judge has ordered you to be removed from the United States during your deportation hearing. Fortunately, that may not be the end of your case. With the help of our Los Angeles removal defense attorneys at the Offices of Elsa Martinez, you may be able to appeal the judge’s decision of deportation.

How to Appeal Your Case

After the completion of your individual hearing, a judge will make a decision on your case. A judge then has the choice of either issuing the decision orally or in writing. If you plan to make an appeal, it’s important you receive your written summary in the mail, so make sure your contact information is in order.

Once the immigration judge makes a decision, they will follow up by asking, “Do you waive appeal?”, “Do you accept the decision as final?”, or another variation of these questions. If you wish to appeal the decision, you can tell the judge in court.

If you wish to appeal at a later time, tell the judge you “reserve appeal.” You have 30 days after the judge’s decision to file an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). The form for the appeal is called “Notice of Appeal from a Decision of an Immigration Judge, Form EOIR-26. Although there is no timeframe in which the BIA is required to make a decision, they typically decide within 180 days.

Note: If an appeal is not filed within 30 days, the judge’s decision will be made final and the authorities will arrange for your deportation.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers

If you are considering appealing a judge’s decision regarding your removal from the United States, you should immediately enlist the legal guidance of our Los Angeles removal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Elsa Martinez. Our firm focuses solely on immigration law and can provide the experienced representation you need.

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