Los Angeles Employment Immigration Lawyers

Are you an employer who wishes to sponsor an employee who is a foreign national and currently living abroad? In order to bring them to the U.S. and have them work for you, it is essential that you follow the proper legal steps to prevent problems from arising. In other cases, the employee in question may already be on a nonimmigrant visa as they work for you on a temporary basis. With the help of a Los Angeles immigration attorney, you can go through the PERM Labor Certification process to secure permanent residency for your employee.

How Do I Start the PERM Certification Process?

The PERM Certification process is intended to take a nonimmigrant employee and turn them into a permanent employee. To do so, they will need to secure a green card to become a permanent resident. This is beneficial to your company and to the employee, who will have more benefits as a green card holder. It is vital that you and your employee are aware that only you as the employer can initiate the PERM Certification process.

  • There are certain requirements which must be made in order to apply for PERM:
  • You must be offering the employee a full-time position.
  • You must be hiring them for a permanent position.
  • You must be hiring them for reasonable job requirements.
  • You must be able to pay them prevailing wages (average salary).
  • Your employee must have permission to work (work authorization).

Meet With a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney

Speaking with a Los Angeles employment immigration lawyer is the first step of the process. We can sit down with you to discuss your goals and ensure that the complex process is navigated properly. Our team is prepared to help you understand the steps involved in the application process, as well as to ensure you are aware of your rights and options.

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