Legal Guidance Through Complex Immigration Matters

If you have been offered a job in the United States or you have special skills which you would like to put to use, you will need to procure a business visa to immigrate. Applying for a business visa can frequently be a complex matter, even if you have employment sponsorship. Not only are there many different types of business visas, but there are a variety of restrictions which you must heed. At the Law Offices of Elsa Martinez, PLC, we offer guidance for clients who wish to come to the U.S. through a business visa.

Business Visa Categories

In order to establish whether you qualify for a business visa, we will need to discuss your goals as well as which visa may be most appropriate. It is important to work with a Los Angeles business visa lawyer who can illustrate the differences between each type of visa and look over your documentation. Our firm has been trusted by many potential employees and companies to guide them through these types of immigration matters.

  • The most common types of business visas include:
  • B-1 business visitor visa
  • EB-1 priority worker visa
  • EB-2 professionals with advanced degrees visa
  • EB-3 skilled workers and professionals visa
  • EB-4 special immigrant visa
  • EB-5 investor visa

Focused On Achieving a Positive Resolution

In any business related immigration matter, applications can be denied if not properly prepared or documented. If you have received any type of paperwork which indicates your application was denied, we are here to assist you. Appealing these decisions is difficult on your own, but our Los Angeles immigration attorneys have the experience and familiarity to help. We are dedicated to considering your best interests at all time and working to achieve a resolution in a timely manner.

Choose to work with a firm who is willing to go the extra mile for you. Call us today at (213) 489-5202 to receive experienced advice.