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Client R.M.R. - Salvadoran national client was subject to a final deportation order in absentia after a failed application for asylum. She hired our offices to reopen her proceedings so that she could apply to adjust status through her U.S. citizen husband. The Dept. of Homeland Security strongly opposed the reopening of her case but our office was successful in getting her case reopened and terminated in two appearances. She was able to become a derivative of her husband’s NACARA and because of it, she is now a lawful permanent resident. She will be eligible to become a U.S. citizen in about five years.

Client L.R.C. - Mexican national client victim of human trafficking seeking to adjust status in the country. The attorney suggest she apply for a T-Visa, a visa reserved specially for victims of human trafficking. After establishing she had indeed been a victim, received treatment for her trauma, and the hardship she would suffer if not allowed to remain in the country she was able to receive an employment authorization document and work legally in the country. Her husband was able to receive relief as well as a derivative of her case. Now that her T-Visa has been approved they both may begin the process of applying for permanent resident status and are one step closer to citizenship.

Client E.D.L - Guatemalan national ordered removed from the United States after applying for asylum and being referred to court. Our office sought to obtain a stay of deportation for him, but upon discovering it would not be necessary, we began his consular process. Upon approval of his I-212 and I-601A waivers and being prepared by the attorney, he was able to depart to Guatemala for his interview. His wife and children expressed concern that he would not be able to return after his interview. After affirmation from the attorney that this was the best course of action, she was convinced he would return. He had all the documents necessary and was approved. He received his passport five days later and was able to return to the United States. Thirty days after his arrival he was officially a card-carrying permanent resident.

Client E.M.B - LPR Mexican national facing removal from the United States as an alien convicted of a firearms offense in the state of California. Our office represented him before the Court and while the immigration judge ordered his removal and denied all applications for relief, our office was successful on appeal. The Board remanded his case because his firearms conviction no longer rendered him removable from the United States. Once the case was before the immigration judge, we filed a motion to terminate proceedings which the Court granted. Our client is waiting to finish his probation so he may apply for citizenship.

LA immigration law firmClient F.C - Our client was subject to a final deportation order when she hired our offices to reopen her proceedings so that she could apply to adjust status through her citizen husband. Our office was successful in getting her case reopened and terminated. Sadly her husband passed away, but since her family petition was already approved, the petition converted to a Widow Petition and she was able to adjust status. Client will be eligible now to petition her unmarried son and daughters and help them immigrate.

Client L.M.S - LPR Honduran national was ordered removed from the United States following a 2 year sentence on a hit-n-run conviction. His removal was withheld. Client hired our offices to assist with his post-conviction relief, and after successfully reducing his 2 year sentence to 364 days, our office moved to reopen his removal order because client was now eligible to seek cancellation of removal. The Judge granted his application for cancellation of removal, and our offices also assisted him in applying for naturalization. He is now a US citizen.

Client A.B & J.B - Husband and wife Mexican nationals were ordered removed from the United States after an unscrupulous notario from La Gaudalupana placed him in proceedings knowing full well they would not be eligible to obtain LPR status since their children were in good health. The husband was physically removed from the United States in 2011, prompting the family to consult with a lawyer. The wife was told numerous times there was nothing anyone could do. Our office filed a motion to reopen with the Immigration Court. Despite the Court’s initial denial, we were successful on appeal, and once before the Immigration Court, the Department of Homeland Security agreed to fully reopen their case and terminated their case in Court so the couple could apply for adjustment of status with the Service. Our clients are now lawful permanent residents and looking forward to seek citizenship!

immigration lawyer in Los Angeles California Client D.M - Placed his trust in our office seven years ago when he was detained in an immigration facility without bond. Despite the complexities and various issues in this case, our office was able to secure his released from custody. Once he was no longer in custody we were able to litigate the issue of his case before the Immigration Court. Our office was successful in getting his case administratively closed in order to pursue an Asylee Relative petition filed by his wife over 14 years prior. Our office filed a petition in Federal Court to force immigration to make a decision on his petition. Client’s asylee petition was granted, and a year later he applied to obtain his permanent status. The government has just granted his application to become a lawful permanent resident.

J.L.A - LPR national of El Salvador was ordered removed from the United States. The Judge denied his application for asylum. The Board affirmed the denial and he filed a petition for review with the Ninth Circuit. His family hired our offices to assist with the petition for review. Knowing that his claim for asylum had less than a 2 percent chance of success at the Ninth Circuit, our office filed a motion to reopen with the Board. The Board denied and we appealed to the Ninth Circuit and consolidated both cases. After filing our consolidated appeal brief, the attorney representing the Attorney General before the Ninth Circuit approached us because they wanted to send the case back to the Board to fully address our arguments. Once before the Board the case was remanded to the Immigration Court. Once before the Court our office filed a motion to terminate, which the Court granted. Our client is now eligible to apply for citizenship after being months away from facing permanent exile from the United States.

immigration lawyer Los Angeles CountyClient A.K - Our office represented the client in his efforts to seek asylum in the United States. The asylum office did not approve his request for asylum because it was filed more than a year after his entry to the United States. The Judge that heard our client’s case was inclined to deny his case. Our office counseled against settling for something less would never result in our client becoming a resident and he would never be able to be a citizen. Our office stood firm and confident that we would prevail. The client was granted asylum and now he is able to petition his wife. In one year he will be able to become a permanent resident and be on the path towards citizenship.

LA immigration law firmClient F.P.H – When our client first came to us he was a lawful permanent resident with four children that are US citizens and his wife, who is a permanent resident. Despite his limited educational background, he owns his own business and his own home. He was placed in removal proceedings in 2013 after returning from a family trip to Mexico based on a conviction from 2009. Our office successfully litigated his case before the Immigration Judge, and the Judge granted him a waiver for his conviction. Afterwards, he was able to keep his LPR status and he will now be eligible to seek citizenship in the United States.

immigration lawyer LA countyClient R.G.P – Our client had a spouse whom he was married to that was a United States citizen. He has two children who were born in the United States as well. He had applied for asylum and NACARA, however, those applications were referred to the Immigration Court in Phoenix, Arizona. His wife filed a petition on his behalf which was granted, but his request for adjustment of status was denied due to two prior arrests. Because he had traveled with advanced parole, the Court could not hear his request for adjustment of status. The Service kept closing his application and canceling his interview because they believed that the Court should hear his request. Our office took strong action and after writing directly to the supervisor, he was scheduled for an interview and the officer approved his application. He will now be eligible to seek full citizenship in three years.

Client E.B.S - Our client first decided to hire our offices to assist him with applying for NACARA. He had previously applied with the help of a notary, but it had not been granted. Our office prepared his application, prepared him and accompanied him to his interview. Despite a lengthy request for evidence, his application for NACARA 203 was granted. He then arrived to this country in 1988, and after close to 30 years, he is finally a lawful permanent resident. He can finally travel to his home country, and in five years he will be eligible to seek citizenship.